Monday, November 01, 2010

Installation guide for Flamerobin 0.9.3 - r2048 Snapshot binary on #Ubuntu 10.10

Download the binary for your platform from debian repository
uname -m
in my case is x64 (aka amd64, intel 64, x86-64)

sudo dpkg -i flamerobin_0.9.3~svn20101024r2048-1_amd64.deb

From system menu (in my case Lubuntu 10.10 ) Programming -> Flamerobin

Update: new snapshot available 2092 please use that version

Flamerobin compiles just fine with Clang++

Thanks to Michael patches now Flamerobin compiles without errors with clang++ also seems that it works just fine ;)

export CXX="clang++"
./configure --prefix=/opt/flamerobin
make ; make install

Monday, October 25, 2010

For Testers only : FlameRobin 0.9.3 snapshots for #Windows

We have now Flamerobin 0.9.3 SVN revision 2048 snapshot files for Windows 32 and 64 bits, both setup and ZIP files. Enjoy, and please be sure to report any bugs, regressions or suggestions on flamerobin-devel list.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

#Flamerobin new build dependency graph for #debian #ubuntu / #kubuntu #linux

Dalton asked on Flamerobin-devel list

> Can someone please do a series of build requirements for ubuntu/kubuntu
> environments?

here are listed the new dependencies (for svn versions > 0.9.3)
with boost included

all you need
apt-get build-dep flamerobin 

and then you need to add boost manually

The following NEW packages will be installed:
firebird2.1-common-doc firebird2.1-dev libwxbase2.8-dev
libwxgtk2.8-dev wx2.8-headers

also you need svn to checkout the source

apt-get install subversion

maybe is needed to add the boost devel headers :)
apt-get install libboost-dev

svn co flamerobin_trunk
cd flamerobin_trunk/flamerobin
make -j2

make install

ps: you can generate the dependecy tree with debtree

debtree --max-depth=2 --build-dep --no-conflicts flamerobin  >
dot -T png -o flamerobin.png
dot -T svg -o flamerobin.svg

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

#Flamerobin mention in Revista Espírito Livre – Instalação do #Firebird e Flamerobin no #Debian

After seeing that the Firebird community is growing, as site sourceforge, I decided to write a tutorial on installing firebird and flamerobin in debian.


In issue number 13 I talked a little about the Firebird. In issue number 14, I wrote this tutorial targeted for new users of this database.

Instalação do #Firebird e Flamerobin no #Debian

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Friday, August 27, 2010

#Flamerobin Screenshots at | #Debian | #Ubuntu

There are some nice Flamerobin package screenshots at debian

Via debian news :"As it is often easier to get an impression of an application by looking at screenshots, instead of just reading a descriptive text, Gerfried
Fuchs has integrated the service into the
package information at"

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Flamerobin snapshots revision 1917

Michael posted new Flamerobin snapshots and announced on the devel list
I have posted new FlameRobin snapshots, SVN revision 1917, for Windows
32 and 64 bit, both installers and ZIP files.
The Refresh command is implemented now for databases, database
collections of views, triggers and so on, and for a few of the objects.
I hopefully didn’t break too much in the process, but since there have
been quite a few changes testing is very much needed. I’d also be
interested in whether FR appears to you to work any faster.
If you want to build FR, please take note that it requires some of the
Boost libraries now, but header-only ones only so there shouldn’t be big
problems. On Windows it was a simple matter of downloading and
unpacking the Boots libraries, and adding the environment variable
I also succeeded with building on Ubuntu, where installing the Boost
libraries is just a simple apt-get. Since the headers are then part of
the core system no changes to the configure etc. files were necessary,
but this should definitely be done to allow for using non-system Boost
version by using a –with-boost=… switch to configure. Help with that
(or in general with overhauling the Unix build environment, to properly
detect the Firebird and Boost versions available) would be very welcome.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Windows 32 and 64 Flamerobin 0.9.x Snapshots

Hi all,

after quite a long time I have uploaded a new snapshot for Windows (32
bit, and 64 bit).

I'd be glad if you could check this out and provide feedback. Things to
watch out for:

- Newly reserved words of 2.x FB versions should be highlighted now and
quoted if used as column names and the like, please report if any are

- New menu command in SQL editor frame to set transaction lock
resolution (wait / no wait).

- Modifying column properties should no longer modify the name unless it
was explicitly changed.

- "SELECT FROM ..." for tables and views and "EXECUTE ..." for
procedures should now create statements with the keywords upper- or
lower-cased as specified in the preferences, and which should be
line-wrapped to a width of (currently) 100 chars. They should also use
the correct platform-native line ending now. This is a first step only,
if this works as intended and there are no adverse side effects then the
new StatementBuilder class should be used throughout FR to create
user-visible SQL statements. Testing of this is definitely needed,
feedback especially welcome. There is already a preference setting
"sqlEditorMaxLineLength" that isn't surfaced yet in the preferences
dialog, maybe the line length should simply be taken from the SQL Editor
line marker column? And should it be possible to disable the
line-wrapping completely?


Michael Hieke

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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Happy new year - a small gift

Hi all,

I just committed a new feature into SVN repository.

If you ever tried to alter a single field in table with a lot of
dependencies, you know how painful it is. Our previous "Generate
rebuild script" option is nice, but it regenerates all table
dependencies, so it's hard to track. Especially if you wish to change
a field with, say, 20 deps on table that has 100 deps.

Now, you can select and single table column and get script recreating
only dependencies related to that column. The feature is accessible on
the table property page - there's a new icon for each column, right
next to drop and edit.

Enjoy! (and please report bugs if any).

Milan Babuskov