Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blob Editor on the way

Here is the thread with new blob editor for Flamerobin with screenshots

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flamerobin will switch to git

Here is the full thread with the svn -> git switch discussion
Seems that everyone agrees that git is faster and better and now there are good tools too for it

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Firebird + Flamerobin Tutorial

Guide is in Portuguese

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flamerobin 0.9.2 around the web

Pages that are already updated
We need some votes or rates on these sites

Seems that flamerobin 0.9.2 is now in debian testing and usage is growing

To do fileforum update , We are best rated in Database area !

User settings directory on Windows

we have a bug report for FlameRobin on Windows - see

which I'm a little unsure about how to handle. Basically since the
introduction of the Config class wxStandardPaths::GetLocalDataDir()
instead of wxStandardPaths::GetDataDir() is used, which results in the
behaviour the bug reporter noticed. This is of concern only in a domain
environment with roaming user profiles, but for users in those it is
probably really a nuisance.

Should we correct this? The way I see it transparently migrating data
from CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA to CSIDL_APPDATA won't be noticed on "standard"
systems, and the possible conflicts for domain users with roaming
profiles would be one-time, with the effect of FlameRobin doing the
right thing from then on. I'm not sure about keeping settings in both
locations and merging them on start - this would be the right thing to
do, but the effort to do it now would be too big, especially as the
config() singleton is not a good base for this.

IMHO the meaning of the "$user" path macro should be changed as well,
with "$user" resolving to wxStandardPaths::GetDataDir() and something
like "$user_local" resolving to wxStandardPaths::GetLocalDataDir().

Any comments and insights very welcome.


Michael Hieke
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Save as CSV file creates tab separated file and how to configure it

There is a config setting that allows user to
choose between comma and tab. We just never exposed it to the
end-user. Just add


to your fr_settings.conf file and see what happens.

See the full thread on flamerobin-devel

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