Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Windows 32 and 64 Flamerobin 0.9.x Snapshots

Hi all,

after quite a long time I have uploaded a new snapshot for Windows (32
bit, and 64 bit).

I'd be glad if you could check this out and provide feedback. Things to
watch out for:

- Newly reserved words of 2.x FB versions should be highlighted now and
quoted if used as column names and the like, please report if any are

- New menu command in SQL editor frame to set transaction lock
resolution (wait / no wait).

- Modifying column properties should no longer modify the name unless it
was explicitly changed.

- "SELECT FROM ..." for tables and views and "EXECUTE ..." for
procedures should now create statements with the keywords upper- or
lower-cased as specified in the preferences, and which should be
line-wrapped to a width of (currently) 100 chars. They should also use
the correct platform-native line ending now. This is a first step only,
if this works as intended and there are no adverse side effects then the
new StatementBuilder class should be used throughout FR to create
user-visible SQL statements. Testing of this is definitely needed,
feedback especially welcome. There is already a preference setting
"sqlEditorMaxLineLength" that isn't surfaced yet in the preferences
dialog, maybe the line length should simply be taken from the SQL Editor
line marker column? And should it be possible to disable the
line-wrapping completely?


Michael Hieke

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