Monday, October 20, 2014

Installing #wxwidgets 3.0.x under #gentoo , default is 2.8

If you install wxwidgets with emerge wxGTK on gentoo default is 2.8

emerge -p =x11-libs/wxGTK-

add /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords

# required by =x11-libs/wxGTK- (argument)
=x11-libs/wxGTK- ~amd64

emerge -1 =x11-libs/wxGTK-

# eselect wxwidgets list                                                                                                             
Available wxWidgets profiles:
  [1]   gtk2-unicode-3.0 *
  [2]   gtk2-unicode-release-2.8

# eselect wxwidgets set 1

then continue with flamerobin compiling from source 

make install

Friday, October 10, 2014

Compiling Flamerobin with wxWidgets 3.0.x

wxWidgets 3.0.2 final is released

This is guide compiling the flamerobin version from git with wxwidgets 3.0.2 final on ubuntu 14.04/debian sid

install flamerobin dependencies

sudo apt-get build-dep flamerobin

Download source code for wxwidgets 3.0.x

tar -jxvf wxWidgets-3.0.2.tar.bz2

cd wxWidgets-3.0.2

./configure --enable-debug --enable-unicode --prefix=/opt/wxwidgets

make -j4

sudo make install

create this file /etc/

with this line /opt/wxwidgets/lib/

and run sudo ldconfig

clone flamerobin from git

./configure --with-wx-config=/opt/wxwidgets/bin/wx-config --enable-debug --prefix=/opt/flamerobin


make install

sudo ldconfig

/opt/flamerobin/bin/flamerobin &

Building Flamerobin for static release

To build flamerobin for static release we use wxWidgets 3.0.2 like in previous post but with the following configure option for wxWidgets
./configure --prefix=/opt/wxwidgets --disable-debug --disable-shared --enable-unicode \
--with-libjpeg=builtin --with-libtiff=builtin --with-expat=builtin \
--with-libpng=builtin --with-zlib=builtin
We build with buildin libraries for jpeg,png,tiff,zlib,expat
make -j4
make install
Download boost
Install Boost by running the following commands:
./ --prefix=/opt/boost &&
./b2 stage threading=multi link=static
Now, as the root user:
./b2 install threading=multi link=static
after that we build the flamerobin from git with debug enabled
mkdir debug
cd debug
../configure --with-wx-config=/opt/wxwidgets/bin/wx-config --with-boost=/opt/boost --enable-debug
and the following commands for a build in release configuration
mkdir release
cd release
../configure --with-wx-config=/opt/wxwidgets/bin/wx-config --with-boost=/opt/boost --disable-debug
I have used the --prefix=/opt/flamerobin and then created the tar.xz
cd /
strip /opt/flamerobin/bin/flamerobin
tar -cJvf ~/Desktop/flamerobin-0.9.3-ff8df8e-x86_64.tar.xz ./opt/flamerobin