Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Flamerobin snapshots revision 1917

Michael posted new Flamerobin snapshots and announced on the devel list
I have posted new FlameRobin snapshots, SVN revision 1917, for Windows
32 and 64 bit, both installers and ZIP files.
The Refresh command is implemented now for databases, database
collections of views, triggers and so on, and for a few of the objects.
I hopefully didn’t break too much in the process, but since there have
been quite a few changes testing is very much needed. I’d also be
interested in whether FR appears to you to work any faster.
If you want to build FR, please take note that it requires some of the
Boost libraries now, but header-only ones only so there shouldn’t be big
problems. On Windows it was a simple matter of downloading and
unpacking the Boots libraries, and adding the environment variable
I also succeeded with building on Ubuntu, where installing the Boost
libraries is just a simple apt-get. Since the headers are then part of
the core system no changes to the configure etc. files were necessary,
but this should definitely be done to allow for using non-system Boost
version by using a –with-boost=… switch to configure. Help with that
(or in general with overhauling the Unix build environment, to properly
detect the Firebird and Boost versions available) would be very welcome.

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