Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Flamerobin code used with wxLua

I never used wx's ODBC classes; I'm using SQLite3 (via wxSQLite3) / FireBird (via IBPP) databases. I already have -hand written- Lua bindings of wxSQLite3 and IBPP. In a recent C++ project, I used wxGrid/FireBird (code taken from FlameRobin); I like it. Now I want to test/use them with wxLua.
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Monday, January 14, 2008

Displaying multiline text and blobs

Milan wrote on the mailing lists :

I have implemented the ability to show blob data in the grid and now the
need to show multiline text has increased. I have some ideas about it,
but I'd like to see as much possible feedback as I believe many users
are using multiline text columns. Here are the ideas of UI to cover

a) show tooltip while mouse hovers over cells
b) show tooltip on some user action (like double-click)
c) have a separate subwindow (split grid or sql editor adding another
column to it) which stays on screen until user closes (hides) it
d) have a separate window/dialog that would only show the data

c) and d) is something I plan for Blobs with tabs for
text/hex/image/etc. representation, so maybe it is the best idea for
text as well? Such dialog could have some options like 'save to file'
and similar.

Please give any comment or your own idea. I might even set up a
website poll if we can't figure out what is the best solution.


Milan Babuskov

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