Thursday, June 30, 2005

time to spread flamerobin 0.2.5 - 35%

- [done by alex]
- [send it but they will reject it]
- [DONE]
- [DONE by lxer]
- [on blog]
- warp2search [done by alex]
- [done by alex]
- [done by alex]
- [DONE - not me ]
- [DONE]

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wxformbuilder-20050626 - new release

still got problems building it (hope to solve it soon)
Some progress , I have installed wxProperyGrid , Next wxformbuilder will be recompiled

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

FlameRobin - why? part 2

[Anonymous] wrote:
> Hello guys!
> Nice work that you are doing! But please may you tell me why you invent the wheel again? There are enough good admin tools out there for Firebird: IBAdmin, IBExpert, ....
We write code because is fun and is good to learn something new.
Thouse tools are for money and don't work on all platforms :linux,os-x,
bsd, solaris .From what i know.
> FlameRobin will never never never come to that quality of these tools, because they have years of development invested in this software and so they have a lot more expirience.
The same was said about linux and look at it now , On servers nothing
can beat it (check top500 of supercomputers). And is ready for desktop
fight too (take a look at ubuntu, or mandriva)
> Before you write a software that (I AM SORRY TO SAY THAT!) nobody needs, invest your time in help to push the Firebird project (the database itself).
I invest my time in learning firebird code too , and for c++ development
flamerobin source code is a better starting place to play with.
Firebird needs an crossplatform administration tool (open source)

like postgresql have it also mysql is working
for one


Marius - proudly supporting

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FlameRobin - why?

MG> Nice work that you are doing! But please may you tell me why
MG> you invent the wheel again? There are enough good admin tools out
MG> there for Firebird: IBAdmin, IBExpert, ....

please read the first 5 lines of our home page at and you'll see that what we are building
doesn't exist yet. You have probably missed them, so I am pasting here
the relevant part for your convenience:

Our goal is to build a tool that is:
- lightweight (small footprint, fast execution)
- cross-platform (Linux, Windows for start, others planned too)
- dependant only on other open source software

MG> Before you write a software that (I AM SORRY TO SAY THAT!)
MG> nobody needs, invest your time in help to push the Firebird
MG> project (the database itself).

Thank you for your comments. I certainly know a handful of people that
do need FlameRobin, and they are all being CC'd in this message. :-)
So your assumption is wrong, even without counting the thousands of
downloads the project has had so far.

Let us know if you need any further clarification.
-- Nando Dessena

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Friday, June 24, 2005

FreeBSD port - warnocked

i'm considering to make a FreeBSD port of FlameRobin. I'd like to know if
there are any FreeBSD users reading this list?


P.S. A port to Solaris seems also doable (FB and wx work), but I don't have
Solaris (or Sparc hardware) around, so it'll have to wait for contributors.
Milan Babuskov

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wx2.6.1 wxformbuilder - building status

well i got some errors with wxformbuilder and i'm stuck a little bit with it:
In file included from rad/inspector/objinspect2.cpp:24:
rad/inspector/objinspect2.h:42: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of `

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Thursday, June 23, 2005


On the mailing list Milan wrote:

Lately I have been testing wxFormBuilder. It is a very good wxWidgets
GUI dialog builder. It is written in C++ and works on Windows and Linux.
The tools seems really stable and robust. It has nicer code generation
than wxGlade, much closer to what we use in FR. I supports
wxFlexGridSizer, a really important one.

I really recommend it for anyone who's writing new dialogs for FR. It is
good to setup the dialog initially, and later just add styleguide() stuff.

Milan Babuskov

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

1,600 downloads until now

I hope download rate will increase a bit (after adding release news on freshmeat...)

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0.2.5 release is complete now - osx build added

It is uploaded to main download area

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Firebird admin tool - article in macedonian

I don't understand what he writes :)
Is good that mentions flamerobin and firebird

update : is Macedonian language not Russian

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

sourcemage distro bumped flamerobin version

They updated from flamerobin 0.2.0 to 0.2.5
is nice that we are included in at least one distro

It would be nice if flamerobin will be added in debian
I don't promise anything ...

Friday, June 03, 2005

Alternative forum for is created

Is an alternative to mailing list hosted on (it will not replace it)
Some people like to post/read on forums.

[Update: forum is gone maybe someday we will move to phpbb3 under an firebird general forum
please use the list for the moment]

FlameRobin V0.2.5 Alpha is available for download

FlameRobin V0.2.5 Alpha is available for download. For more details, read the release notes. FlameRobin is an open source, lightweight and cross-platform GUI administration and management tool for Firebird.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Usage Statistics For FlameRobin

Sourceforge restored projects stats . Graphs for last 12 months (Downloads, Hits)
are generated