Wednesday, November 23, 2011

flamerobin-devel archive is now on new nabble

You can read the threads and react/post quickly to flamerobin-devel mailing list from a better interface

Monday, October 31, 2011

Quicken home inventory for windows 7 64 bit

What's has this got to do with FlameRobin, you might ask. Well, as few customers of mine wanted to be able to look into their home inventory database with FlameRobin. They are using a program called Quicken Home Inventory which was really popular back in a day. Now they moved to Windows 7 and other 64 bit operating systems (even Linux) and they were left in the dark. This is also a nice story of Microsoft SQL server users converting to Firebird, even if they don't know it.

My program Attic Manager uses Firebird database as backend. This means that it can run on Windows, Linux, 32 or 64bit and still have a very small footprint of only 3MB of download. The main obstacle was ability to import QHIM data into Attic database. I thought about ODBC but gave up soon. Microsoft .NET is much easier and I wrote a nice little extractor program that dumps data from MS SQL Server to text files, and Attic Manager loads that in turn.

And one can even browse data in FlameRobin, which is of course, free.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Statement history dialog layout

In the past week or so I have improved our statement history dialog to allow easier browsing. Now it shows the statements on the left and when you click them, you get the whole sql on the right. This makes it easier to inspect the statements and find what you looking for. Especially if you have a large monitor. Also, the searched term is marked with red color. I also added the timestamp of the history file. Functionality is now good, however, now I'm not sure about this layout. What do you think? (screenshot attached) -- Milan Babuskov

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Suggestion: copy as in-list implemented

Kjell Rilbe asked if such a feature can be added and Millan already added it in the copy menu 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Manage your TurboCASH databases with FlameRobin

The FlameRobin Database Admin Software is used to manage your TurboCASH 4 databases (Sets of Books). The FlameRobin software is used to browse, check and edit data
Read more on Turbocash Wiki

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#flamerobin Tweet of the day Very lightweight and easy to handle.

Translation of the tweet:
"Flamerobin admin #firebird database. Very lightweight and easy to handle. good megusta"
Or in Spanish:
Flamerobin database admin #firebird. Muy ligero y facil de manejar. #megusta #good

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Installation guide for Flamerobin 0.9.3 - r2100 Snapshot binary on #Ubuntu 10.10 or in Natty

Download the binary for your platform from debian repository
uname -m
in my case is x64 (aka amd64, intel 64, x86-64) Usually if you double click gdebi will do the
work bellow for you (graphic installer)

sudo dpkg -i flamerobin_0.9.3~svn+2100-1_amd64.deb

From system menu (in my case Lubuntu Natty ) Programming -> Flamerobin

or you can start it from the console

New Flamerobin snapshot in #debian unstable

The main change is that now it requires firebird2.5-dev instead of firebird3.0 headers and decided that is better to  have a flamerobin 0.9.3 in the distros released for the next 1-2 years with a stable firebird 2.5.x and add firebird 3.0 requirement when is ready and stable ~1-2 years
* New upstream SVN snapshot : revision 2100
Uploaded to unstable
* Stop using system-wide ibase.h.Unstable has no fb3.0 so system-wide ibase.h has no boolean defines,which are used by FR and were ported to IBPP's embedded copy of ibase.h
* build-depend on firebird2.5-dev instead of firebird-dev(firebird-dev is only in experimental)

You can download and install the package directly from debian sid (tested and works on ubuntu natty too )

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flamerobin 0.9.3 svn new revision pushed to Debian experimental

new version for flamerobin 0.9.3 is now in Debian experimental for testing

I have installed debian unstable sid and i have added in


these lines

deb experimental main
deb-src experimental main

and install flamerobin
$ su
# apt-get update -t experimental
# apt-get install -t experimental flamerobin

maybe you need an firebird 2.5 super or classic
apt-get install -t experimental firebird2.5-classic

if you want to build the latest version on any ubuntu/debian distribution i have wrote some notes in the wiki here
I guess it's easy to create a binary tar.gz/bz2 snapshot
also i will try to put the package into a ppa

..:: ::..:: ::..

#Flamerobin 0.9.3 Snapshot 2092 is already in #Debian experimental

Flamerobin 0.9.3 Snapshot 2092 is ready in Debian experimental repository
Here is the guide to install it from repository , you can also download the binary package only if you are on sid

Installation guide for Flamerobin 0.9.3 - r2092 Snapshot binary on #Ubuntu 10.10 or in Natty

Download the binary for your platform from debian repository
uname -m
in my case is x64 (aka amd64, intel 64, x86-64)
sudo dpkg -i flamerobin_0.9.3~svn+2092-1_amd64.deb

From system menu (in my case Lubuntu Natty ) Programming -> Flamerobin

or you can start it from the console

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Svn updates and fixes

Michael commited this fix :
Don't remove database trigger type when creating ALTER TRIGGER statement (fixes bug tracker item #3188253)
And another one:
Quote name of trigger relation if necessary when creating DDL (addresses second point of tracker bug #3237718)