Wednesday, November 29, 2006 has received a new release submission of:

    FlameRobin for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows for  version 0.7.6

Once the release has been approved by FileForum editors, it will appear on the site.

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FlameRobin 0.7.6 screenshot ( for reference )

Mariuz said he needs one, so here it is. This one's on Windows XP

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Monday, November 13, 2006

flamerobin is updated on beta news fileforum page

FlameRobin has the following other editions available

seems that flamerobin is updated on beta news

Your releases pending approval:

FlameRobin for Linux 0.7.5

FlameRobin for Mac OS X 0.7.5

FlameRobin for Windows 0.7.5

submitted 11/13/2006

FileForum | FlameRobin for Windows

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Monday, November 06, 2006

flamerobin 0.7.5 available in Gentoo

I recently committed an ebuild for FlameRobin 0.7.5 into Gentoo's
portage repository. Should sync to mirrors in a few hours and users can

emerge flamerobin
on Gentoo

I have had an ebuild for FlameRobin since 0.4.8. I posted to the list
long ago about it I believe. I became a dev a few months back, and not
sure why I did not think to commit it sooner.

The ebuild is masked/keyworded unstable/experimental. Although it's been
stable for me on both x86, and amd64 for some time. In 30 days or so,
baring any bug reports. I will file stabilization requests with the arch

Thanks for all the hard work on a great tool. Hopefully this will help
to increase the user base a bit, so your work can be appreciated by even

William L. Thomson Jr.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

firebird conference demo project (wxwidgets+ibpp)

you can download the demo project from here

After unpacking, follow the HOWTO.txt for a short step-by-step explanation.

Using stuff from FR, I made a minimal program structure (bakefile,makefiles, etc.) that enables anyone to have a quick start when creatingnew applications with IBPP and wxWidgets. The program allows you to typethe project name, and it does search&replace on all files, giving you anempty project where you can easily add new .cpp and .h files to thebakefile.

FlameRobin: flamerobin @ Firebird Conference 2006

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