Monday, December 07, 2009

#Flamerobin in #Ubuntu Software Center

I was positively shocked :) that when you search firebird in Software Center you find flamerobin rendered niceley and it installs correctly

Mighty screenshots:

ps: in kubuntu software center is not installed by default (feature? or bug ?)
so you have to type
sudo apt-get install software-center

#Flamerobin 0.9.2 available in major #linux distros : #Mandriva , #Debian, #Ubuntu, #Fedora ,#Gentoo,#OpenSuse

Finaly OpenSuse 11.2 is out. It is the first time that Flamerobin is in official OpenSuse repositories.

After Mandriva (2010.0 that is very nice to use), Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora (and RHEL/Centos Fedora project repositories),Gentoo : we have now OpenSuse

All major free distro have now latest Flamerobin stable version (0.9.2) available in their official repositories.

Here is the list of where flamerobin 0.9.2  is included or can be installed
  • Debian linuxDebian [Done] by Damyan Ivanov
  • Ubuntu linux Ubuntu [Done] You can find in the Software Center
  • Fedora linux Fedora [Done] by Philippe Makowski
  • Ubuntu linux Gentoo [Done] By Alistair Bush on behalf of wtljr
  • Mandriva LinuxMandriva [Done] by Philippe Makowski
  • Suse Linux OpenSuse [Done] by Philippe Makowski
  • Ubuntu LinuxRed Hat Enterprise Linux [Done] by Philippe Makowski
  • Centos LinuxCentos [Done] by Philippe Makowski