Monday, November 01, 2010

Installation guide for Flamerobin 0.9.3 - r2048 Snapshot binary on #Ubuntu 10.10

Download the binary for your platform from debian repository
uname -m
in my case is x64 (aka amd64, intel 64, x86-64)

sudo dpkg -i flamerobin_0.9.3~svn20101024r2048-1_amd64.deb

From system menu (in my case Lubuntu 10.10 ) Programming -> Flamerobin

Update: new snapshot available 2092 please use that version

Flamerobin compiles just fine with Clang++

Thanks to Michael patches now Flamerobin compiles without errors with clang++ also seems that it works just fine ;)

export CXX="clang++"
./configure --prefix=/opt/flamerobin
make ; make install