Thursday, May 17, 2007

New testing version is here

I rebuilt FR against wxWidgets 2.8.4, with only one small change: In
Ansi build the fr_databases.conf file is saved now with the system
character set. The conversion to and from UTF-8 does not work in the
Ansi build, anyway, so all characters >= 128 (like umlaut chars) where

I hope these work for all of you, but please make a backup copy of your
fr_databases.conf file *before* you test the new executables. Please
find them at>

and check them out. Should work much better than the build against CVS
HEAD, and could be a good test for using 2.8.4 for the next official
FlameRobin build.

Thanks for any feedback

Michael Hieke

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Keyboard shortcuts for advanced users ?

Eugen Stoianovici wrote on the flamerobin-devel lists :

First of all, i've been using flamerobin ever since i've switched from postgress to firebird(some time last spring or summer) and it's great .
Are there any keyboard shortcuts implemented in flamerobin's main window?

It would be great if i could use my mouse less than now. Here's what i have in mind
main window
1. Shortcut for registering new server
2. Shortcut for registering new database
3. Shortcut for running a query
4. Shortcut for disconnect

query window

1. Shortcut for new window

I'ld be more than happy to implement these features but instead of diving right into coding, i wanted to ask for an unified view on this matter

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