Monday, May 30, 2005

FlameRobin heats up...

For those of you who'd like to know what's happening behind "the closed doors".

There is currently heavy activity on going to get 0.2.5 release out. We are browsing through bugs and features and testing to see if everything works as advertised. After this release, the roadmap will be discussed, and future direction established. I myself expect a really hot summer of FlameRobin development.

Personally, I have moved a lot of my development environment to Linux, and I'm using FlameRobin on it more and more, so some Linux specific stuff is going to be tested much better, and some Linux specific features implemented. For example, FlameRobin's windows have got the names, so they can be manipulated via IceWM. One of the things I like, is to keep main FR window in systray. So, if you run IceWM, just add this to your winoptions file:

FlameRobin_main.icon: flamerobin
FlameRobin_main.tray: Exclusive

Of course, an ugly X icon will be shown, but you can use some of icons in res/ directory in CVS (ex. fricon.xpm), and make it shine. Here's a cool screenshot of my desktop while doing FR development.

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