Friday, July 22, 2005

FlameRobin - why? part 3

Hello [Anonymous]!

> Nice work that you are doing! But please may you tell me why you
> invent the wheel again? There are enough good admin tools out there
> for Firebird: IBAdmin, IBExpert, ....

Those particular wheels don't work in Linux, Mac OS X, ...

> FlameRobin will never never never come to that quality of these
> tools, because they have years of development invested in this
> software and so they have a lot more expirience.

All of those you mentioned are way too bloated for my taste.

> Before you write a software that (I AM SORRY TO SAY THAT!) nobody
> needs, invest your time in help to push the Firebird project (the
> database itself).

Don't be sorry to say it. Not that your personal opinion matters that
much to me. But anyway, if half of those giving others good advise on
what they should invest their time into - and what not - would
*themselves* help any project to improve, OSS would be unstoppable indeed...


Michael Hieke

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Alex Stanciu said...

Well, you've got a point there. Why reinvent the wheel? Why write other browsers than Internet Explorer, why write other operating systems than Windows, why write anything? Just use what's on the market.
Have you EVER heard of evolution? We're not reinventing the wheel, we're just writing something new, we're trying to make a difference. And, if you're asking me, this is OUR way "to push the Firebird project".

RadioTbo said...

Congratulations, I´m using Flamerobin everyday and it´s great, very easy to use and fast. For me it´s more productive than any other bdadmin tool for everyday work.

From Spain,
Alex Perez