Monday, August 15, 2005

Flamerobin 0.3.0 released

We released a new version of Flamerobin, please download it and test it, there are some new features in it, as well as enhancements and bugfixes.

New features:

* Support for computed columns (shown in tree, removed from insert statements)

* Calltips for UDFs
* Properties page for UDFs
* Option "create new trigger" for tables and views
* Support for table indices - display, add, drop, recompute stats., edit descriptions
* Property page for view's triggers
* Select object's name in SQL editor and get its properties page
* Context menu for properties windows with options to print and save contents
* Implemented "open in new window" context menu option for properties page links
* Added main menu for main application window
* Added diplay name to servers and databases
* Connect as option for databases: ability to connect as different user/role without need to register new database

Enhancements and Bug fixes:

* ALTER TABLE x ALTER COLUMN y updates the tree/properties page
* Improved handling when adding NOT NULL columns
* Fixed bug when SP and triggers contained ampersand (&) in source (FR would hang)
* Size and position of minimized windows is not stored anymore
* Pressing function keys and clicking buttons in SQL editor now does the same
* Prompt to overwrite files when saving in SQL editor
* Faster startup upon connection since domains are loaded on-demand
* Dropping tables and views now properly removes triggers from tree
* Fixed parsing of CREATE,ALTER,DROP trigger statements (tables/views get notified)
* Saving data to html file now uses default .html extension if user does not supply it
* Fixed and improved dependencies detection for database objects
* Fixed logging to file: newlines are added when headers are off
* Registration of Firebird embedded server is now possible from application
* Firebird 1.5 charsets made available, charset box is user editable to support future charsets
* Current tree item's database printed in status bar instead of tooltip
* Improved connecting speed by postponing loading of autogenerated domain info

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Randy White said...

And also featuring new FreeBSD port.