Saturday, November 19, 2005

FlameRobin on Solaris

[ed: response letter to bjoern.reimer]

We met at the Firebird conference. You said that your (or some of your
coleagues) are interested in FlameRobin on Solaris.

I don't know if you tried it yet, but here's a brief overview. You need
to build wxWidgets first, and then FlameRobin. You can obtain wxWidgets
from As I understand it has already been ported to
Solaris, so there shouldn't be much problem, just follow the
instructions in "docs" folder. You should use at least wxWidgets version
2.6.0 or any higher. Please use wxAll package, as others probably don't
have all the files needed for Solaris.

After you built and installed wxWidgets, you need also to build the
wxSTC component (wxStyledTextControl) that we use for SQL editor. It is
usually done by going into "contrib/src/stc" and running "make" and
"make install" in there.

Here's how I do it on Linux and FreeBSD, it shouldn't be much different
on Solaris:

[unpack wx sources and enter that directory]
make install
cd contrib/src/stc
make install

The ./configure script has many options, where you can choose whether
you want the debug or release version, enable or disable Unicode, etc.
Here are the most important ones:


There are some defaults, but if you want to make sure, then add the
appropriate --enable or --disable switch. Using:

./configure --disable-unicode --disable-shared

should be a safe bet. I'm not sure if Solaris uses Gtk, so you better
skip that and leave it to autodetection.

Next, you need to build FlameRobin. You can either use 0.4.0 source
available for download from the website, or the latest CVS version. I
recommend CVS as it has many fixes. Our CVS tree is still in the old
"fbmanager" project at (yes, we *do* need to move it
over to flamerobin), you need to fetch the "mghie" module from it.

In FlameRobin's source tree, create top-level directory named "build" or
something like that. Then, cd into it and run:


This should setup things properly. I recommend you use the same
--enable-debug or --disable-debug switch you used with wxWidgets. After
that, run

make install

And that should be it. Should you have any problems, feel free to
contact me directly, or join our mailing list (low traffic) at:

Milan Babuskov

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