Friday, September 08, 2006

FlameRobin on Solaris

Tamas TEVESZ has decided to try to make Flamerobin work on Solaris:

"there isn't much else to say about it, apart from "don't get too
excited". it literally needs an iron lung, and even then it crashes
on every second click.

getting that far wasn't particularly hard, though. you need to compile
a wx (for the blastwave package does not include wx-contrib, but i'll
get in touch with the maintainer once i get back from my optometrist
in the afternoon), and you need to install a firebird package which
can be gotten from; except that don't install it for it
stinks, its ugly, and it won't work properly anyway. it was enough to
get, though.

well, after all that said, it's still in a much better shape than i
hoped. to be continued, but hold your breath do not."

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