Monday, November 06, 2006

flamerobin 0.7.5 available in Gentoo

I recently committed an ebuild for FlameRobin 0.7.5 into Gentoo's
portage repository. Should sync to mirrors in a few hours and users can

emerge flamerobin
on Gentoo

I have had an ebuild for FlameRobin since 0.4.8. I posted to the list
long ago about it I believe. I became a dev a few months back, and not
sure why I did not think to commit it sooner.

The ebuild is masked/keyworded unstable/experimental. Although it's been
stable for me on both x86, and amd64 for some time. In 30 days or so,
baring any bug reports. I will file stabilization requests with the arch

Thanks for all the hard work on a great tool. Hopefully this will help
to increase the user base a bit, so your work can be appreciated by even

William L. Thomson Jr.

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