Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Changes in FlameRobin 0.8.6 ALPHA

From the svn changelog

New features

- DataGrid: BLOB data is now (optionally) shown in cells. Read-only for now.
- DataGrid: A basic ORDER BY clause building when column header is double-clicked
- Support for LIST function in Firebird 2.1
- Support for MON tables in Firebird 2.1 (Read-only for now.)

Enhancements and Bug fixes

- DataGrid: FR no longer crashes when transaction has ended (commit/rollback) and grid edit control is active
- DataGrid: Complete string is now shown for editing and copying multiline text
- DataGrid: Copy command now copies a single cell if nothing is selected
- DataGrid: Fixed mixup between BLOB ID and data it contains
- DataGrid: Fixed bug when editing or deleting in grid causes exceptions.
- DataGrid: Successfully deleted rows are deselected, so user can easily see what is done.
- DDL extraction for GRANTs now only quotes names when needed
- DDL extraction for defaults does not use double quotes anymore.
- Hovering over icons in privileges window, now really shows the grantor
- Improved parsing of SELECT statements
- Support for INSERT..RETURNING and EXECUTE STATEMENT that return a single record
- Fixed messagebox flood when Execute Procedure called and it doesn't return anything
- Print preview and SaveToHtmlFile works again for manual and changelog
- Extracting invalid DDL (missing domain data in system tables) does not crash FR anymore
- Silent instalation (on Windows) does not show changelog window anymore
- Autogenerated domains (system domains) do not show up in the tree anymore
- Added ALTER DOMAIN action for domains
- Tree now shows NOT NULL for columns that inherit NOT NULL from domain
- Fixed parsing bug when non-reserved keyword is used as identifier.
- Fixed autocomplete for selectable procedure alias when procedure call contains parameters (in PSQL)

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Jobin said...

Great news
i upgraded to latest version.
Improvements to grid is excellent.