Saturday, July 19, 2008

Changes in FlameRobin 0.8.7 ALPHA

Here is the changelog for FlameRobin 0.8.7 just commited by Milan

New features

- 100% Firebird 2.1 compatible

- Tab-based property pages for database object (like Firefox browser)

- DataGrid: load and save to file options for BLOB data.

- A new improved dialog for inserting new rows.

Enhancements and Bug fixes

- Firebird 2.1: Support for database triggers
- Firebird 2.1: Support for global temporary tables
- Firebird 2.1: Descriptions can be set for generators
- Firebird 2.1: Support for domains as stored procedure parameter types
- Firebird 2.1: Detect when the equals sign (=) is be used instead of DEFAULT
- SQL Editor: Improved autocomplete for table columns
- SQL Editor: fixed problems with scolling of log control
- SQL Editor: removed flicker when executing scripts with COMMITs or AUTODLL ON
- DataGrid: Copy as Update and Insert for single cell does not require cell to be selected anymore
- DLL extraction for GRANTs fixed
- Fixed random crashes when dropping object from its property page
- Implemented missing prompt for dropping of some objects

- GRANT statements moved to end of database DDL script for easier diffs

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