Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bundling FirebirdConfig with FlameRobin

after seeing the Firebird Config tool:


I thought how nice would be to have something like that with
FlameRobin. And now I was contacted by FirebirdConfig author, Jhonny
Suarez, about having it as a plugin for FlameRobin.

I know we haven't done any preparation for 'plugins' but maybe we
could simply hook it up to some menu item in Server menu and invoke
the FirebirdConfig executable from there, with some parameters. Or
maybe we should work on some generic plugin architecture first to
allow others to create useful plugins as well.

Only obstacles I see so far:

- it's (currently) Windows only, so an #ifdef would have to take care of that
- license is MPL, which is not compatible. It would be good that
FirebirdConfig is released under MIT license (Expat license) or a
similar one, so we don't have to include two licenses in installer.

P.S. Jhonny is reading this list, so we can discuss the details and
you can ask any question to which he can reply.

Milan Babuskov

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