Sunday, November 30, 2008

FlameRobin user interface: SDI or tab-based?

I have started again to work on the FlameRobin redesign, with multithreaded database access. Since FR 0.9.0 is using the wxAUI library for tabbed property pages I decided to use wxAUI for all of FR:

Ideally it will be possible to open sql editor windows and property windows either in tabs or in their own parent frames. A new poll is up so we get an idea whether the current FlameRobin UI is liked (or not so much) among the FR user base.


firstrose said...

I just want to say that your software is not for ordinary user and most of its users care about its functions more.

Miwa said...

As for me, tab-based interface is very good idea. Yes, most of us can add needed functions ourselves, but if developer asks ordinal users about their opinion, we can say "i like it" or "i dont like it", yep? ;)
P.S. I voted for tab-based interface on

miwaonline at gmail

peixedragao said...

current tab-based with hability to remember last form position/size is great! almost an MDI ;-)

seriuslyy... it got me some time but I'm fine now with FR gui (since tabs)... and I'm happy it's going to be improved even further (having query execution on tabs will be great, for instance)... well... and, for this I've got a sugestion::

PEAASSEEEEE!! let user choose some other shortcut key to EXECUTE SQL... having to use F4 is just annoying!! =D

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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