Saturday, April 11, 2009

FlameRobin 0.9.2 is released

Source, Windows (setup and zip), Linux (Slackware/gtk2) and MacOS X
binary packages are available for download. Win64 port and packages
for various Linux distributions (and maybe FreeBSD) should follow
shortly. This is mostly a bug fix release.

New features:

- Support for trusted authentication
- Databases can now be recreated from existing registration info
- Transaction isolation level can now be selected in SQL editor
- Win64 port
- Allowed deleting from system tables (ex. to stop queries via

As usual, it also has a lot of bugfixes and minor enhancements:

- Fixed problems with mangled UTF8 identifiers
- Improved autoincrement triggers
- Drop FK only once for self-referencing tables in Rebuild script
- Improved management of passwords in connection dialogs
- Case insensitive DoMaIn keyword detection
- Fixed reported length of char fields in DDL extraction of system tables
- Fixed minor DDL extraction problem with BIGINT and scale
- Search words are now highlighted in advanced metadata search results
- DataGrid: sum of values of selected cells in the grid is shown in
status bar
- Data grid cell editor now has a popup menu of a standard edit control
- Data of CHAR type using multibyte character set has correct padding now
- Database file size is now reported correctly for databases over 2GB
- Opening pages in tabs can now be controlled with Shift/Control keys
- Information on database property page is reloaded without reconnecting
- Fixed focus problem with property pages
- Fixed broken descriptions of system table columns in property pages
- Optionally display sources of all triggers on table property page
- Controls are now focused before their popup menus are shown
- Improved usability of menus and commands via keyboard
- SQL Editor: Improved detection of field sizes in resulting dataset
- Fixed statement parsing when SUBSTRING function is present
- Fixed column autocompletion for JOINed tables
- Fixed code completion when tables are listed in SQL89 order
- Fixed crash when opening query window and pressing F5 or F8 at once
- Improved the way views are switched in SQL editor
- Fixed completion under Mac OS X
- Other minor improvements and fixes to SQL editor
- Statement execution time is now displayed with milliseconds precision
- Minimum required version of wxWidgets is now 2.8.


Milan Babuskov

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