Saturday, August 29, 2009

#flamerobin patch: null-handling in blob editor

Andreas Maier wrote on flamerobin-devel list

i made some improvements to blob editor. Here is a short list of it:

- The blob editor is now able to handle null values (same logic as in datagrid)
- I added a new context menu "Set field to NULL" to grid menu and sql editor menu.
- The text editor is now readonly and gray when the transaction or blob-field is readonly.

and i fixed some bugs:
- The row (#x) in blob editor caption was wrong (one to less).
- if a non blob field was selected the [Load]-Button shows [Reset].

Tested on Win XP (32bit) and Open Suse Linux 11.1 (32bit).

I hope it works.

Note: If the option "show blob in data grid" is on there will be some problems if you open blobs. In this case you will get the error "Blob already open".
I will try to find the problem next time.

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