Monday, October 31, 2011

Quicken home inventory for windows 7 64 bit

What's has this got to do with FlameRobin, you might ask. Well, as few customers of mine wanted to be able to look into their home inventory database with FlameRobin. They are using a program called Quicken Home Inventory which was really popular back in a day. Now they moved to Windows 7 and other 64 bit operating systems (even Linux) and they were left in the dark. This is also a nice story of Microsoft SQL server users converting to Firebird, even if they don't know it.

My program Attic Manager uses Firebird database as backend. This means that it can run on Windows, Linux, 32 or 64bit and still have a very small footprint of only 3MB of download. The main obstacle was ability to import QHIM data into Attic database. I thought about ODBC but gave up soon. Microsoft .NET is much easier and I wrote a nice little extractor program that dumps data from MS SQL Server to text files, and Attic Manager loads that in turn.

And one can even browse data in FlameRobin, which is of course, free.

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Randy White said...

I forgot to mention that Attic Manager is build using some classes from FlameRobin, and reusing the wxWidgets+IBPP build system.