Tuesday, July 03, 2012

FlameRobin connection thread test on Windows

I have posted a test version of FlameRobin: http://mghie.users.sourceforge.net/flamerobin_win32_test.zip
(a ZIP file containing only the 32 bit executables for Windows in ANSI and Unicode version) that uses a thread to establish the database connection. That
means that the progress dialog can be moved and cancelled, and the progress bar is updated in indeterminate mode. To see it in action it’s
best to try to connect to a database on a server which is not available or which doesn’t exist, which so far blocks FlameRobin completely until
the connection call times out. It would be great if people could test this and write (to flamerobin-devel) whether anything
breaks for them (it didn’t for me, yet). I’m a little of unsure if I should clean this up and commit…

Michael Hieke

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