Thursday, January 29, 2015

Compiling Flamerobin with QT (wxWidgets qt port) experimental

There is a port for wxwidgets on qt (work in progress and still with many gaps)
So this is only proof of concept.

git clone
cd wxWidgets
mkdir bldqt5
cd bldqt5
../configure --with-qt --enable-debug --enable-compat28 --prefix=/opt/wxqt

then with flamerobin clone git 

./configure --with-wx-config=/wxgt/wx-config --enable-debug --prefix=/opt/flamerobin

it compiles fine :)

you will have an error and you need to add the qt libs when linking 

-lQt5Gui -lQt5Core

Flamerobin starts after a few errors and after that you can see and click the tree with databases and metadata and get the properties.

What doesn't work : db query and grid , you will get a crash

ps: tested on ubuntu 14.04 with qt5

What is next ? Android ;)

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