Friday, June 10, 2005

Firebird admin tool - article in macedonian

I don't understand what he writes :)
Is good that mentions flamerobin and firebird

update : is Macedonian language not Russian

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Ilya Musabirov said...

Not in Russian)
Macedonian or near it)
I don't understand ~90%.
-"Option is not implemented yet" :)
-script editor
-triggers and stored procedures editors
-works on Linux, windows etc

Randy White said...

Yep, it is Macedonian. I happen to know who is Riste Pejov (the author) from some Serbian Firebird web forums.

My Macedonian is really bad, but as far as I can understand it says that since Firebird database is out, there have been a lot of GUI admin tools for Windows, but not many for Linux and Mac. So one would have to use Windows to administer FB server on Linux/Mac or use command-line tools.

Further he writes that FlameRobin project was started some time ago to solve these problems. He tried earlier versions, but most of the options gave "Operation not supported" message. During the weekend he downloaded and tried the latest version, and he was pleasantly surprised. He concludes that FlameRobin can already be used for "serious" administration. It has script editor, and overview of tables, views, triggers and stored procedures. At the end he says: try it and you'll like it. :)