Wednesday, June 29, 2005

FlameRobin - why? part 2

[Anonymous] wrote:
> Hello guys!
> Nice work that you are doing! But please may you tell me why you invent the wheel again? There are enough good admin tools out there for Firebird: IBAdmin, IBExpert, ....
We write code because is fun and is good to learn something new.
Thouse tools are for money and don't work on all platforms :linux,os-x,
bsd, solaris .From what i know.
> FlameRobin will never never never come to that quality of these tools, because they have years of development invested in this software and so they have a lot more expirience.
The same was said about linux and look at it now , On servers nothing
can beat it (check top500 of supercomputers). And is ready for desktop
fight too (take a look at ubuntu, or mandriva)
> Before you write a software that (I AM SORRY TO SAY THAT!) nobody needs, invest your time in help to push the Firebird project (the database itself).
I invest my time in learning firebird code too , and for c++ development
flamerobin source code is a better starting place to play with.
Firebird needs an crossplatform administration tool (open source)

like postgresql have it also mysql is working
for one


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