Sunday, September 11, 2005

Changes in FlameRobin 0.4.0 ALPHA (not yet released)

New features

- History of SQL statements, presistent even after closing program
- Activate/deactivate option for triggers
- "Drop multiple columns" option for tables
- Execute option for procedures
- Preferences can be set on database basis (ex. logging)
- Option to restore backup into new database
- Support for SET AUTODDL isql feature and option to automatically commit DDL statements
- Support for RECREATE and CREATE OR ALTER statements

Enhancements and Bug fixes

- Fixed bug when password is supplied upon connecting
- Fixed parsing of committed statements when statement starts with a comment
- Main menu system reorganized
- Configuration files reorganized: user configuration files stored in user's directories
- Option to hide the status bar
- Option to hide databases that are not connected
- Fixed background colors of read-only fields in various dialogs
- Fixed "no database assigned" error for new databases
- Made sure the statement with error is visible in large scripts
- Changed the execute key to F4, as F9 has a special meaning on some platforms
- Long text now wraps on Dependencies page, making to easier to read
- Fixed scrollbar bugs of data grid with Linux port
- Mousewheel now works on Linux
- IBPP library sources added to the project
- Compare database's and connection charset and warn user if they differ
- Bigint datatype added to field properties dialog
- Option to disable autocompletion inside quoted text
- Fixed bug that sql editor dialog can have an empty title
- Improved handling of fatal exceptions

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Dipesh Khakhkhar said...

Thanks for updating about the future release of flame robin.

I would like to know following two things:
1)Will there be any work on developing tool like sqlloader (for oracle database) for bulk loading to the firebird database.

2) Second thing which i would like to know is the xml support for the firebird database and uploading of xml data from flamerobin by matching objects in xml to objects in database.

I would be grateful to you if you please throw some light on these subjects.

Popa Adrian Marius said...

Here is the response from Milan (he forgot his username/password for the

"Both of these are beyond the goals set for FlameRobin project. There is
a chance we create some import/export tools in the future. But that
future is far away, and chances are small. The only thing planned is
import/export of data from other FB databases, and from ODBC data
sources. Even these are a post-1.0 features.

Of course, if Firebird implements internal support for xml queries (I
hope never), we would make those features available via FR.

Milan Babuskov"

Popa Adrian Marius said...

Here is my response
1.I have read a little about sql loader (
and for that type of work isql can be used
(loading from csv files) in the command line
2.The same could be done for xml files in the future maybe (treating xml files as fat csv files)

It could be done in the future by flamerobin
(implemetation is possible): to load data from csv, xml files (with proper formatting)
Milan assumed you have talked about firebird database xml support that is another discussion and should take place in firebird arhitect list

Dipesh Khakhkhar said...


Thanks Mariuz and Milan for reading my comment and answering my queries. Thanks for writing such a nice tool.

Yes, i am thinking way ahead of the capabilities that Flamerobin should possess.

Well, Mariuz as you said about isql, but as of now isql does not support loading of data. Right? I did run script (sql statments, procedures, triggers etc) file i.e. sql file and it does that but I am not able to bulk load into firebird.

I will try to find out more from some firebird blogs and see what do they have in mind regarding this.

Thanks once again.