Thursday, September 15, 2005

IBPP and FlameRobin

On Thu, 15 Sep 2005 12:25:24 +0200,
Milan Babuskov wrote:

MB> IBPP is now part of FlameRobin (sources are included in our tree), so no
MB> need to make IBPP package.

I just need to write a word of clarification here for people who do not
read the flamerobin-devel list. Though I very well know it wasn't the
intent of Milan to say so, the above sentence, taken of its context,
might be misunderstood by people at large.

What Milan wanted to say is that the FlameRobin project now has
integrated a copy of the source code of IBPP right in the codebase of
FlameRobin. This makes it easier for people to build FlameRobin from
sourcecode, since people don't need to also build IBPP by itself. It's
just built inside FlameRobin as if it was source code of FlameRobin.
That is a good simplification, which I am happy to have suggested to my
friends at FlameRobin.

Since FlameRobin uses a copy of the source code, from time to time, the
ibpp version integrated in FlameRobin may be or may not be the latest
version of ibpp. At any time the one found in FlameRobin will be the one
chosen by FlameRobin for their own needs. They may be using the
cutting-edge latest beta or alpha or be 2 released versions behind
(which I wouldn't believe by the way ;-) ).

This said, nothing changed regarding IBPP itself. It is and will stay an
independent project. An independent project which is happy being used
and relied upon by several open-source projects or commercial products,
including of course FlameRobin.

If you don't know yet about FlameRobin, I urge you to visit their
website at because this is an excellent piece
of software which I use daily for the vast majority of my Firebird
databases maintenance.


-- Olivier Mascia

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