Monday, April 03, 2006

Small niggles with current FlameRobin

Hi guys,

today I took a look at FlameRobin after a few days away from it, and
here are some things I noticed that are not optimal IMO. Maybe you
don't agree, maybe you agree and want to fix/change some of them, maybe
I'll get around to some of them...

Anyway, here goes:

1) All property pages:
- The links on top of the pages jump around when one follows them, and
the link for the current page disappears. I much prefer the way e.g.
SourceForge handles this, with all links always visible in the same
place, with the current page as standard text of the same font. Compare
enabling/disabling controls to hiding them.

2) Database property page:
- The page uses two narrow tables of fixed width, while all other use
expanding tables, stacked vertically. I'd prefer consistency.
- Could the database size be given in MB? Even better would be a
dynamic label (kB/MB/GB)...
- We need a database32.xpm file, current icon is the generic FR one.

3) Advanced Metadata Search frame:
- The layout needs to be improved. It is too large (minimal size on my
system 824x347), to wide for the height (a ratio of about 4:3 would be
ideal), and it is quite confusing. It would also be hard to extend it
(adding more criteria, adding AND/OR combination of criteria, ...). I
don't really have a better layout in mind ATM, but I would like it to be
closer to the backup/restore frame layout: controls in the upper part,
then the action button, then the result list in the lower part.
- The "DDL for selected objects" control shouldn't be there at all,
IMHO. Double click on the result list would open the property page with
the same information (default action for DBH objects, known behaviour
from the tree control).

4) SQL Execution frame:
- SQL History frame should at least stay on top of parent execution
frame, otherwise frame relation is lost when $user switches between
frames. But I doubt that a frame is actually the right design there.
How about a list box left or right of the SQL edit control, with a
splitter, keyboard and drag and drop operations instead of buttons,... ?

Comments, flames and stuff very welcome.


Michael Hieke

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