Monday, April 17, 2006

Things to fix before 0.7.0 release

Hi all,

as privileges and user management stuff is complete, we're done with
features for 0.7.0. I'd like to get the list of things that need to be
fix/polished before the release.

One of the problems is perhaps AdvancedMetadataSearch dialog. We still
haven't decided what exactly should it look like. Do you guys think that
we can go with 0.7.0 release with it - as it is now? It is completely
functional, just the layout and some other details are probably
different than they should be.

Other thing is StatementHistoryFrame. For the time being, I'd like to
make a modal dialog out of it (select SQL statement from history and
close it). I know how I'd do it when deriving from wxDialog, but I'm not
sure what happens if we're to derive it from BaseDialog. What happens
with "buttons panel and sizer". Perhaps we should leave search box and
search/delete buttons at top, and move "Copy to editor" button to bottom
- and also add "Close" button to it?

I'd also like to know how does PrivilegesDialog look on other platforms,
as I only tested on Linux. I tried on Windows 98 at some point, and it
seemed fine, but I'd like to know about WinXP and Mac.

Please say if there's any other issue as well...

Milan Babuskov

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