Friday, October 27, 2006

flamerobin @ Firebird Conference 2006

Hi guys,

I'd like to know who (if any) of you plans to go to this year's
conference. Nando? Michael? Marius maybe? Olivier? I know Olivier's
paper was not accepted unfortunately. I know that Fikret is going to be

As for my talks, none of them is about FlameRobin directly, but both
will touch it. Esp. the session about cross platform development with
wxWidgets and IBPP:

Using stuff from FR, I made a minimal program structure (bakefile,
makefiles, etc.) that enables anyone to have a quick start when creating
new applications with IBPP and wxWidgets. The program allows you to type
the project name, and it does search&replace on all files, giving you an
empty project where you can easily add new .cpp and .h files to the

I plan to add this as a module to flamerobin svn tree. It would be
called "template" or something like that. I hope you guys agree with this?

Once online, I'd appreciate if someone would find the time to test if
this "minimal sample" work with MSVC and work on MacOSX, as I don't have
access to them.

As a result, anyone who wants to start a new project with wxWidgets and
IBPP (i.e. developing cross-platform GUI app. for Firebird) would have
an easy start.

Milan Babuskov

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