Saturday, October 07, 2006

flamerobin on solaris x86

Tamas TEVESZ announced flamerobin for solaris x86
so, i've got something that may even be tested, if there are any
takers, that is.

tarball is at
md5 hash de268b6d27ae6ac988cac7df5925733d
screenshot is at

its a simple tarball; when untarred, `pwd`/flamerobin/flamerobin
should just work. it was compiled on solaris 5.10 i86pc, and (if i
didn't screw it up), needs "only" the following packages from the
solaris media (ie. no thirdparty dependencies):

SUNWTiff SUNWcslr SUNWfontconfig
SUNWfreetype2 SUNWgccruntime SUNWgnome-base-libs
SUNWjpg SUNWlexpt SUNWlibmsr
SUNWmlib SUNWpng SUNWxorg-clientlibs
SUNWxwplt SUNWxwrtl SUNWxwxft

(i sorta think anything more than core solaris includes these, at
least most of them).

tarball includes a copy of wx 2.6 and from firebird
2.0rc4, all stripped.

basically, after i gave up on using the workshop compiler, it was
pretty straightforward with gcc (the one bundled with s10);
technically, wx and flamerobin itself (apart from a few trivial
issues) didn't have much problem with workshop, but i horribly failed
at compiling firebird with suncc, and did so many times (as an added
bonus, it seems that linking g++- and CC-compiled objects together is
the perfect recipe for disaster). the problem with that is that as
long as i can't compile firebird with workshop, there isn't any point
(or even way) to do this to flamerobin. does anyone have good
connections at firebird dev? :>

issues prevail, though; for example, asking for database properties
immediately crashes flamerobin. is anyone interested in looking at it?
my c++-debugging skills are next to non-existent. also, if anyone
wants the debug binaries, i'm happy to tar 'em up.


mkdir /nonexistent
..:: ::..:: ::..:: ::..:: ::..:: ::..

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